Whitehall School District – Online Store

The Whitehall School District’s online store is now open! It will only be open until September 9th, 2019 but will open again in early November. Check out the online store!   Shop the Whitehall Schools Apparel Store!   Hurry, shops closes...
TVC – Director of Operations

TVC – Director of Operations

The Trempealeau Valley Cooperative 2.0 is accepting applications for a Director of Operations for this unique four school district cooperative. You can view the job listing below. Trempealeau Valley Cooperative 2.0 – Director of Operations

Bullying and Harassment

Is it Bullying? You may not always get along with your peers. To help you decide what is going on and what action to take, below is some information that may be helpful. What’s Going On? TEASING: Making fun in a playful way. Everyone is having fun, no one is...
Bus Routes – 2019-2020

Transportation Contracts

The Student Transportation Contract needs to be filled out annually by parents/guardians of children who will be riding the bus at anytime during the school year. This electronic form replaces the paper form. Please submit a separate form for each child. In order to...