The September 23rd meeting of the Whitehall Board of Education was held at Whitehall Memorial Elementary Balcony George Everson called the meeting to order at 6:00pm. Roll was called, and a quorum established.

Other Board members present: Jason Molis, Byron Fields, Julie Dokkestul, Kristen Carroll and Dan Koxlien. Absent: Leah A.W. Johnson.

Others present: District Manager, Megan Densmore; Superintendent, Mike Beighley; Abby Sacia, Trempealeau County Times Reporter: Elementary Principal, Damon Lisowski; High School Principal, Eric Young; Vickie O’Dell, Director of Pupil Services and Special Education.

Carroll moved to approve vouchers as presented. Fields seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Administrative reports were given on the following:

A. Mr. Lisowski – Summer School Update
B. Mr. Young – HS TVC 2.0 PLC work update
C. Ms. O’Dell – Special Education staffing update

Dokkestul motioned to Approve:

A. Approve minutes of August 26th, 2019 Regular Meeting
B. Approve minutes of August 26th, 2019 Executive Meeting
C. Set date for 2019-20 Board Policy Book review
D. Approve 66:0301 Food Service Director for 2019-2020 school year
E. Approve Extra Curricular Contracts
F. Approve Volunteer Contracts
G. Approve Extended Contracts

Koxlien seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Discussion and Action on the changes to policy 5432.42 – Dock Time have been postponed to the October meeting.

Molis motioned to approve legal counsel for the 2019-2020 school year. Koxlien seconded. Aye-All members.

Discussion and Action on the revisions to the Professional Staff Handbook have been postponed to the October meeting.

Koxlien motioned to approve the increase to adult meal prices per federal guidelines. Carroll seconded. Aye-All members.

Carroll motioned to approve editorial changes to policy 343.42 – Youth Option Program 1st reading. Molis seconded. Aye – All Members.

The meeting was motioned to be adjourned by Everson at 6:36 PM. Seconded by Molis. Aye – All Members.

Megan Densmore
Recording Secretary