The July 22nd meeting of the Whitehall Board of Education was held at Whitehall Memorial  Elementary Balcony George Everson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. Roll was called, and a
quorum established.

Other Board members present: Jason Molis (6:40 pm), Byron Fields, Julie Dokkestul, Kristen Carroll and Dan Koxlien. Absent: Leah A.W. Johnson.

Others present: District Manager, Megan Densmore; Superintendent, Mike Beighley; Abby Sacia, Trempealeau County Times Reporter; Elementary Principal, Damon Lisowski; Middle School Principal, Beth Lisowski; High School Principal, Eric Young; Jamie Youngbauer, At Risk Coordinator. Carroll moved to approve vouchers as presented. Fields seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Administrative reports where given on the following:

  • Mr. Lisowski – Summer School wrap up
  • Mrs. Lisowski – PLC Institute Update
  • Mr. Beighley – MSL rotation Update – TVC 2.0 Annual Meeting
  • Mr. Youngbauer – Coaches handbook draft

Koxlien motioned to Approve:

  • Approve minutes of June 24th, 2019 Regular Meeting
  • Approve minutes of June 24th, 2019 Executive Meeting
  • Approve minutes of June 26th, 2019 Executive Meeting
  • Approve Time Off Request – Amy Thorn
  • Approve fall extracurricular coaches
  • Approve Zack Olsen Extended Contract Dokkestul seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Fields motioned to approve 2019-21 employment contract for Eric Young, High School Principal. Koxlien seconded. Aye-All members.

Carroll motioned to approve 2019 District Annual Meeting – October 21, 2019 – 6 PM. Dokkestul seconded. Aye – All Members. Discussion was had on the building use agreement for 2019-2020.

Discussion was had on looking into new legal representation for the 2019-2020 school year.

Koxlien motioned to approve breakfast and lunch prices for 2019-20. Seconded by Fields. Aye-All Members. Carroll motioned to approve activity ticket prices for 2019-20. Seconded by Dokkestul. Aye-All Members.

Carroll motioned to approve second reading of updated Bullying Policy 443.71. Seconded by Dokkestul. Aye-All members. Discussion was had on changes to policy 532.42 – Dock Time.

Discussion was had on academic standards to be used for the 2019-20 school year as required by legislature. Discussion was had on a board policy book review for 2019-2020.

The meeting was motioned to be adjourned by Everson at 6:48 PM. Seconded by Molis. Aye – All Members.

Megan Densmore

Recording Secretary