Whitehall High School Driver Education

Provided by:   Safety and Respect Driving School

Safety and Respect Driving School is currently accepting registrations for students at Whitehall High School for the 2018 summer Driver Education course.  Classes are held at Whitehall High School.

Session #1
Traditional Classroom option: June 11 – 29, 2018    Monday – Friday      9:00am – 11:00am

Session #2
Online Classroom option: can be found at www.safetyandrespect.com

This classroom session fulfills the state required 30 classroom hours.  Attendance is MANDATORY per WI Teen Driver Education Laws.  Please verify that the session dates work in your schedule before registering.  Please keep in mind extracurricular activities, family vacations, and work when determining if this session will work for you.  In the event that a student misses a classroom session, the absence must be deemed by the state to be a legitimate reason for missing a class.  The time missed must be made up with content appropriate assignments.   The state will allow a maximum of two classroom absences with makeup work.  Students may take the classroom portion of Driver Education as early as 14 and 7 months of age.  We recommend taking the classroom portion between the age of 15 and 15.6 years of age.

Instruction Permit:  Once a student is 15.6, he/she may begin the Behind the Wheel portion of Driver Education provided the student has:  completed or is currently completing the classroom portion of Driver Education, has passed the written Instruction Permit exam, has a valid Instruction Permit from the DMV, and tuition is paid in full.  Tuition must be paid in full to receive the signed MV3001 form.  Behind the Wheel times are posted on the Safety and Respect website when you log in with your username and password.

The fee for Driver Education is $350.00.  This fee includes 30 hours of classroom and six – two hour sessions of In- Car instruction.  Any fees due to the DMV/DOT are the student’s responsibility.

To register, go to our website atsafetyandrespect.com.   Click on the Upcoming Sessions tab.  Choose Whitehall High School from the dropdown menu.  The user-friendly website will walk you through the enrollment and payment process.   If you need more information, email:  info@safetyandrespect.com.  You will need to provide the student’s legal birth name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address.  All students must print out the Registration Contract under the Resources tab.  Both the parent/legal guardian and student will need to sign the contract to give us permission to provide Driver Education to your teen.  The contract must be emailed or mailed back to Safety and Respect prior to the first day of class with the deposit (if the deposit was not already paid online) to secure your teen’s position in class.

Safety and Respect Driving School is a private commercial driving school.  All students enrolled in the program must follow the guidelines established by the State of Wisconsin for commercial driving schools.


Marty Fadness

Safety and Respect Driving School

Mail signed registration form and deposit to:  Safety and Respect, 2223 Fairfax St, Eau Claire, WI 54701