Date: April 28, 2017

Re: Internet Safety Presentation

As part of our work in the area of Internet safety, we would like to invite and strongly encourage all parents to attend a
presentation scheduled for Monday, May 1 at 6:00 in the Auditorium.

Many of our children are using electronic devices such as phones, tablets, or computers/Chromebooks and are online
every day. They make countless connections to people we don’t even know. We would like to clarify and expand on some
of these ideas as well as some specifcs to behaviors centered around “sexting” which are becoming more and more a part
of our kids’ lives.

We will be presenting to all Junior and Senior High School students, but will be meeting with grades 7-8 at 1:00 and
grades 9-12 at 2:15. These will be slightly different, age-appropriate discussions. We will be covering what sexting is and
what the possible consequences are. Many teens are not aware of the severity of social, school, and legal consequences of
this activity. We will also discuss inappropriate online communications, how teens can keep themselves safe from online
predators, and how to report any suspicious or inappropriate online behaviors.

Then the parent presentation starting at 6:00 will go much deeper into the world of online predators. We will first recap
the information shared with students. Additionally, we will provide parents with insight into the world of online predators
and how to keep children safe with electronics and the online world as online sexual predators are much closer of a threat
than we often imagine. If time permits, we will conduct a live chat to show just how easily and quickly these predators
will pick up on a teen.

We will also discuss some apps that teens are using that online predators also frequent as well as some other apps parents
can use to help keep children safe and keep you informed of what your children may be doing online. We hope this
information will provide you with talking points you can use with your child to keep them safe.

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend this event, but please be aware that this presentation will use language and
terminology that some parents may feel is inappropriate for children. There may be apps we share with you that your
children are not aware of that you don’t want them to discover. Please take these issues into consideration if you choose to
bring your children to the parent presentation. We hope to see everyone on May 1 at 6:00 p.m. as this presentation may
simply be the single most important set of information when looking at the overall safety and well-being of our children in
these times. The presentation will wrap up about 7:30.

Invitation Letter