Our performance of Beauty and the Beast is set for Wednesday, March 29th, at 12:30  p.m., tickets-$5; and Thursday through Saturday, April 1st, at 7:30 p.m., tickets-$7.   We are looking for your financial support.  Donate to the musical, and we will list you as contributor in the program and present you with a commemorative picture of our cast!

For the past 18 years, we have made a commitment to provide a professional level theater education that is enjoyed by our audience!  This year’s cast includes 100 students in grades 3 – 12 on stage, and many, many students and community members helping behind the scenes. Our show draws around 1,700 audience members every year, from many local communities- Blair, Galesville, Arcadia, Osseo, Eleva, etc.- across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and beyond.

The following lists some of the improvements we have made and some of the annual expenses we incur for our shows.  We have had many parent fundraisers and have received financial support from the school district. These contributions have helped us make our shows possible, but we are looking for an additional source of income to help meet our long range and short term goals.

Improvements: We have used and will need outside revenue to complete these projects.

  • We put in a new sounds system with 6 speakers, hot mics, 16 wireless mics, and a 24 channel mixer in 2001. $20,000 (replaced the mixer in 2016 w/32 channel board)
  • We run the show with 16 – 20 microphones that need updating and repairs on a yearly basis.  We try to add/replace a set of 4 mics with transmitters every year at a cost of approximately $3,500. (There were 2 wireless mics when I started.)   
  • Moved the controls for the lights ($13,000) to the back of the auditorium so you can actually see the lights you turn on or off.  There is great need here for more improvements…..hopefully soon!

Yearly costs: These all vary depending on the show, ticket sales cover a lot of these costs.

  • Rental Fee and Royalty Costs –  $2,000
  • Set building/painting – estimate is $800
  • Costumes – $2,500 ($1,700 for rental fees, approx. $800 in supplies to make costumes)
  • Publicity – ads, radio, posters, programs, tickets, $500
  • Stipends – modest payments to production staff managers – $4,000 (the district pays only my salary and the drama coach for a total of $2,700)
  • Other technology costs -sound effects, rehearsal tools, special

If you are interested in making a donation fill out the Patron Form on the next page.  If you have any other questions or would like me or my assistant, Blake Rogers, to come and make a personal visit, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jackie Goplin – goplinj@whitehallsd.k12.wi.us  Cell # – 715-533-2363

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