The September 21, 2016 meeting of the Whitehall Board of Education was held at Whitehall Memorial Elementary Balcony. President, George Everson called the meeting to order at

6:30 pm. Roll was called and a quorum established. Other Board members present: Byron Fields, Kristen Carroll, Julie Dokkestul, Jason Molis and Dan Koxlien (via video). Absent: Leah Johnson. Others present: Superintendent/6-12 Principal, Mike Beighley; Elementary Principal, Damon Lisowski; MS Principal/Improvement of Instruction Director, Beth Lisowski; Special Education/Pupil Services Director, Vickie O’Dell; Assistant HS Principal/Athletic Director, Jamie Youngbauer; Finance Manager, Cheryl Maug; Maintenance Director, David Blaha (7:00); Aaron Rittenhouse, Johnson Controls; Reporter, Scott Schultz.

Carroll moved to approve vouchers as presented. Dokkestul seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Molis moved to approve the following items of the Motion Calendar:

  1. Approve minutes of August 15, 2016 Special Meeting
  2. Approve minutes of August 17, 2016 Regular Meeting
  3. Approve minutes of August 17, 2016 Executive Session
  4. Approve Special Meeting for September 26, 2016 at 6:30 pm
  5. Approve Extra-Curricular Contracts (see list)
  6. Approve Volunteer Contracts (see list)

Dokkestul seconded. Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Aaron Rittenhouse, Johnson Controls, reported that the draft performance contract is being reviewed by both JCI and the district’s legal counsel. A lease option for financing the project was proposed as this method would not add to the districts total general obligation debt and would be the least expensive method of financing.

Beighley presented the concept of College and Career Ready. This concept was created by the  and appears to be a great tool for the district to use. This concept centers around defining what College, Career and Life ready really means for students. The information was sent out to staff to begin discussing in small groups in preparation for a larger scale discussion in the near future. The Board will review the two informational documents and continue discussions at the next regular meeting.

Beighley reported on the current open enrollment projections. It appears that the Elementary will be up 20 (37 in, 17 out) and the MS/HS up 4-8 (15 in, 7-11 out).

Bids for the school forest timber sale have been let and are due back October 1st. It is estimated that 800 tons will be cut which matches with the forest management plans.

The four area Superintendents of the Co-op met on Tuesday (9/20). They were also joined by a representative from WTC and Ashley Furniture. Discussion were focused on creating the vision for a STEM Academy and to continue with the creation of several other academy programs. The Co-op is also planning to reach out to add additional partners.

Administrative Reports:

D. Lisowski –

Update on summer school results. A total of 84 classes were offered and all went very well.

The funding for AGR (formerly SAGE) is based on Free and Reduced lunch numbers. Reaching out to families to inform them of how the Free and Reduced program benefits the district as well as the families.

O’Dell –

Update on Special Education student numbers: 1 student out and 6 in. However, the student increase did not create any changes in staffing or services.

B. Lisowski –

CLC program kick-up was Monday 19th. Sixty eight students and their family’s attended. The program will run Monday through Thursday until the end of the school year. More enrichment programs will be offered this year. Two of the new offerings are Guitar and piano lessons which will meet 2 times per week. An art class for MS/HS is scheduled to being in October.

Youngbauer –

Reported on the youth association Volleyball and Flag Football programs.

Spoke on athletic playing time; meaningful vs equal.

Everson recessed to Executive Session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85 (1)(c) to discuss preliminary staffing needs for 2017-18 and Stat. 19.85 (1)(e) & (g) to confer with legal counsel or review legal advice related to Energy Efficiency Project Contract and potential Revenue Limit Exemption.  Time: 7:13 p.m.

Cheryl Maug

Reporting Secretary