Whitehall School District Board of Education – Notice of Intent to Award a Guaranteed Energy Performance Contract

On Monday, 9/26/2016 at a 6:30 PM the School District of Whitehall Board of Education will meet at 19121 Hobson Street, Whitehall, WI 54733 to review active bids or proposals from qualified providers and to take action on the award of a Guaranteed Energy Performance Contract.

It is the intention of the School District of Whitehall Board of Education to award a Guaranteed Energy Performance Contract to Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) following a solicitation for Request for Qualifications (RFQ), publicized following the development of a report identifying such measures and related cost savings.  This award is subject to a suitable contractual arrangement between the District and JCI.

The Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs) include the following:

LED Lighting Upgrades

Building Envelope Improvements including specific doors, windows, and roofing replacements

HVAC Controls Systems Upgrades

HVAC Mechanical Systems Upgrade

The ECMs and FIMs above will provide substantial utility and operational cost avoidance benefits to the Whitehall School District by lowering energy and operational costs currently consumed by the existing lighting systems, HVAC Mechanical Systems; HVAC Controls Systems; and, Building Envelope Systems (specific doors, windows, and roofing replacements).

Posted on 09/12/16