High School District Solo and Ensemble Music Festival
Held at Whitehall High School
February 17, 2016

Congratulations high band and choir students who participated in the district solo & ensemble festival on Wednesday, February 17, 2016!  All students listed below performed their solos and/or ensembles for a judge who offered constructive comments following the performance.  All events are rated based on a point system for five categories including tone, balance, blend, rhythmic accuracy, pitch accuracy, musical expression and intonation.  These students have worked very hard to get to performance level and should be commended for their outstanding level of participation and accomplishment.  Ratings possible are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.  There are three levels of difficulty; Class C is the first, or easiest, Class B is the second level and is noticeably more difficult; and Class A is the hardest level that brings with it the chance to participate in the state solo/ensemble festival on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at UW-Eau Claire.  

A special thank you to our accompanists; Richard Staff, Nancy Martinovici, Krista Kjos and Jackie Goplin!  Thank you to our room monitors; Colleen Cantlon-Marler, Viola Jacobson and Mark Kjos!

Class A

*1st and advancing to the State Festival

Hailey Meyer and Ryan Haas-vocal duet (“Wilt Thou Be Gone Love”)

Timmothy Stevens-vocal solo (“Gia il sole dal gange”)

Hailey Meyer-vocal solo (“Bist du bei mir”)

Carlos Velasquez-vocal solo (“Tu lo sai”)

Timmothy Stevens-musical theater solo (“A Wonderful Day Like Today”)

Jasper Dunn-vocal solo (“Deep River”)

Carlos Velasquez-vocal solo (“Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”)

Alyssa Herman, Madelyn Geiger, Gabrielle Fields, Karli Estenson, Hannah Hodnefield, and Savannah Rieck-vocal double trio (“Lift Thine Eyes”)

Jasper Dunn-musical theater solo (“Impossible Dream”)

Megan Kjos, Luanne Schwartz, Thea Bergerson, Olivia Moats, Kaylee Spittler,

Presley Herman-vocal double trio (“Three Spanish Ballads” No. 1 & 2)

Kaitlyn Molis, Halle Geiger, Jessica Mohan, Taylor Thoma, Bernice Guzman,

Lauren Fields, Gillian Price, Jessica Zimmerman, Kayla Converse-vocal triple trio

(“Hello Girls”)

Thea Bergerson and Madeline Poulos-vocal duet (“Wait on the Lord”)

Jasper Dunn and Jackson Standafer-vocal duet (“Wait on the Lord”)

Mara Windjue, Allison Herman, Hailey Meyer, Katie Dokkestul, Molly Toraason-vocal ensemble (“Lift Thine Eyes”)

Katie Dokkestul, Madde Moen, Maria Mais, Abbie Staff, Tia Albrecht, Matt Lyga, Kaylee Spittler, Megan Kjos-Clarinet Choir (Mexican Hat Dance)

Presley Herman, Riley Frank – Saxophone Duet

Matt Lyga-bari sax solo

Jackson Standafer, Gabbie Fields, Savannah Rieck, Mitchell Thompson, Michael Carroll, Shad Goplin, Thea Bergerson, Kaitlyn Molis, Matt Baken, Jessica Zimmerman-Percussion Choir (A La Samba)

Jackson Standafer-Timpani Solo-African

Kaitlyn Molis, Jessica Zimmerman-xylophone duet (Galloping Comedians)


Jasper Dunn and Madeline Poulos-vocal duet (“How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings”)

Timmothy Stevens and Gabrielle Fields-vocal duet (“How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings”)

Presley Herman-vocal solo (“Wie Melodien”)

Presley Herman and Megan Kjos-vocal duet (“The Seas”)

Elizabeth Smith-flute solo

Amanda Mohan, Hannah Hodnefield, Karli Estenson, Molly Toraason-trumpet choir

Jackson Standafer, Gabbie Fields, Savannah Rieck, Mitchell Thompson, Michael Carroll, Shad Goplin, Thea Bergerson, Kaitlyn Molis, Matt Baken, Jessica Zimmerman-Mallet Choir (Water Music Suite)

Austin Powell, Amanda Mohan, Karli Estenson, Hannah Hodnefield, Logan Marsolek, Cody Trimberger, Molly Toraason, Shandler Herman, Andy Matthews, Jasen Anderson, Payton Slaby, Alex Greenwold-Brass Choir (Sonata #12)

Katie Dokkestul, Mara Windjue-flute/clarinet duet

Abbigayle Herman-bari sax solo (Allegro)


Grace Halama-vocal solo (“Litany”)

Khushba Syed and Karli Estenson-vocal duet (“Wait on the Lord”)

Michael Carroll-timpani solo (Ballad for the Dance)

Mitchell Thompson-timpani solo (Ballad for the Dance)

Savannah Rieck, Gabbie Fields, Thea Bergerson-snare trio (G-Force)

Mara Windjue, Allison Herman, Jenny Smith, Taylor Anderson, Halle Geiger, Jessica Mohan, Alana Brantner, Lizzy Smith, Mireya Alejo-Flute Choir (Epigrams)

Class B


Luke Stephens-vocal solo (“Give Me Jesus”)

Haley Harms and Carlos Velasquez-vocal duet (“Shenandoah”)

Maddie Geiger, Sarah Thorn, Kaitlyn Montagne, Stephanie Leque, Haley Harms, Nina Miller, Lauren Fields, Berenice Guzman-Clarinet Choir (Gossec Gavotte)

Abby Olson, Maggie Soppa-flute duet

Mireya Alejo-flute solo (Ballet of the Shepherd’s)

Abbi Herman, Bailey Blaha, Parker Windjue-saxophone trio(Sailor’s Worksong)


Cheyenne Leque and Haley Harms-vocal duet (“Homeward Bound”)

Mykensie Beighley, Ellie Matejka, Allison Casperson-vocal trio (“Twilight at Sea”)

Jasen Anderson-trombone solo (T-Bone Blues)

Chase Hanvold-trombone solo (T-Bone Blues)

Class C


Haley Harms, Cheyenne Leque, Heidi Ehrat, Stephanie Leque-vocal quartet (“Amavolovolo)

Izzy Sartor, Ellie Matejka, Emily MArsolek, Colton Riesenweber, Gracie Lyngen, Sophie Kisolek-Saxophone Choir-(Brightonshire Hornpipe)

Mykensie Beighley, Mekena Wohlhoefer, Hayley Haas, Allie Powell, Olivia Youngbauer, Sam Brouillet-Mallet Ensemble (Chopsticks)

Mykensie Beighley, Mekena Wohlhoefer, Hayley Haas, Allie Powell, Olivia Youngbauer, Sam Brouillet-Percussion Ensemble (Turkish March)

Kendra Goplin, Maggie Harms, Janna Thoma, Vivena Roberts, Ella Bergerson, Emma Tollefson-Clarinet Choir (Camptown Races, Sweet Betsy)

Austin Moen, Jon Schwartz, Dominic Gonzalez, Dylan Meyer-Trumpet Choir (Triple Play)

Sami Huff, Ally Breska-trumpet duet (Eccosaise)

Gage Dubiel, Cody Stevens-trumpet duet (Eccosaise)

Cesar Samples, Gavin Stephens, Carter Laursen, Zach George-Trombone Choir (Camptown Races, Sweet Betsy)

Gage Dubiel, Cody Stevens, Josh Back, Chase Brekke, Ally Breska, Sami Huff, Megan Humphries-Trumpet Choir (A-Rovin’)


Vivena Roberts, Ella Bergerson-clarinet duet

Chase Hanvold, T’Nia Saintforte, Skyler Skroch, Trent Keller, Harold Smith-Low Brass Choir (Minuet in G)