High School District Solo and Ensemble Music Festival
Held at Osseo-Fairchild High School
February 13, 2016

Congratulations high band and choir students who participated in the district solo & ensemble festival on Saturday, February 13, 2016!  All students listed below performed their solos and/or ensembles for a judge who offered constructive comments following the performance.  All events are rated based on a point system for five categories including tone, balance, blend, rhythmic accuracy, pitch accuracy, musical expression and intonation.  These students have worked very hard to get to performance level and should be commended for their outstanding level of participation and accomplishment.  Ratings possible are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.  There are three levels of difficulty; Class C is the first, or easiest, Class B is the second level and is noticeably more difficult; and Class A is the hardest level that brings with it the chance to participate in the state solo/ensemble festival on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at UW-Eau Claire.  

A special thank you to our accompanists; Richard Staff, Nancy Martinovici, Sarah Toraason, Krista Kjos, Allison Wright and Jackie Goplin!  

Class A

*1st and advancing to the State Festival

Thea Bergerson-alto solo (“With a Swanlike Beauty Gliding”)

Matt Lyga-musical theater solo (“Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”)

Gabrielle Fields and Savannah Rieck-vocal duet (“Die Meere”)

Matt Lyga-vocal solo (“Au Bord De L’eau”)

Ryan Haas-vocal solo (“The Call”)

Thea Bergerson-musical theater solo (“In My Own Little Corner”)

Jackson Standafer-musical theater solo (“Try to Remember”)

Savannah Rieck and Matt Lyga-vocal duet (“Achat Shoalti”)

Matt Lyga-alto sax solo (“Concerto”)

Riley Frank-alto sax solo(“Blue Bells of Scotland”)

Matt Lyga and Thea Bergerson-mallet duet(“Galloping Comedians”)


Jenny Smith and Allison Herman-vocal duet (“Pie Jesu”)

Gabrielle Fields-vocal solo (“Silent Noon”)

Lauren Fields and Kaitlyn Molis vocal duet (“Funiculi, Funicula”)

Luanne Schwartz-vocal solo (“Vergin, tutto amor”)

Emi Hanvold-vocal solo (“Here Below”)

Savannah Rieck-vocal solo (“Oh Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me”)

Jackson Standafer-vocal solo (“Bist du bei mir”)

Kaylee Spittler-vocal solo (“When I Think Upon Thy Goodness”)

Kaylee Spittler-musical theater solo (“As Long As He Needs Me”)

Luanne Schwartz and Kaylee Spittler-vocal duet (“The Trout”)

Sarah Thorn-vocal solo (“Vittoria, mio core”)

Jackson Standafer and Allison Herman-vocal duet (“Achat Shoalti”)

Allison Herman-vocal solo (“Hear My Cry, O God”)

Trinity Taylor-vocal solo (“Se tu m’ami”)

Trinity Taylor-musical theater solo (“As Long As He Needs Me”)

Michael Carroll-vocal solo (“Nina”)

Savannah Rieck-musical theater solo (“Send in the Clowns”)

Katie Dokkestul-clarinet solo(Klarinetten Konzerto No.3”)

Molly Toraason-french horn solo(“Concerto No. 2”)

Matt Lyga and Alyssa Herman-alto sax duet(Eight Concert Duets No. 8”)

Maria Mais and Madde Moen-clarinet duet(Airs & Waltzes from The Magic Flute”)


Lauren Fields-vocal solo (“Ave Maria”)

Gabrielle Fields-musical theater solo (“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”)

Aime Stendahl-vocal solo (“Se tu m’ami”)

Hunter Kjos and Molly Toraason-vocal duet (“Wilt Thou Be Gone Love”)

Halle Geiger and Maddie Geiger-vocal duet (“The Trout”)

Maddie Geiger-vocal solo (“Ave Maria”)

Haley Harms-vocal solo (“Tu lo sai”)

Maddie Geiger-musical theater solo (“I’ll Know”)

Alyssa Herman-vocal solo (“Vittoria, mio core”)

Presley Herman-alto sax solo(“Aria”)

Jessica Mohan-flute solo(“Sonata in F Major”)


Carli Stoutner, Sarah Thorn, Aime Stendahl-vocal trio (“Hello Girls”)

Class B


Riley Frank-vocal solo (“Blow High, Blow Low”)

Halle Geiger-vocal solo (“American Lullaby”)


RayAnne Fox and Nicole Frazee-vocal duet (“He’s Gone Away”)

Kendra Julson-vocal solo (“American Lullaby”)

Jessica Mohan-vocal solo (“American Lullaby”)

Amanda Zimmerman-mallet solo(“Entertainer”)

Class C

Comment Only

Kelly Herness-piano solo