Junior High District Solo and Ensemble Music Festival
Whitehall Memorial
January 30th, 2016

Congratulations junior high band and choir students who participated in our district solo & ensemble festival on Saturday, January 30, 2016!  All students listed below performed their solos and/or ensembles for a judge who offered constructive comments following the performance.  All events are rated based on a point system for five categories including tone, balance, blend, rhythmic accuracy, pitch accuracy, musical expression and intonation.  These students have worked very hard to get to performance level and should be commended for their outstanding level of participation and accomplishment.  Ratings possible are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.  There are three levels of difficulty; Class C is the first, or easiest, Class B is the second level and is noticeably more difficult; and Class A is the hardest level that brings with it the chance to participate in the state solo/ensemble festival on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at UW-Eau Claire.  A special shout-out to Hannah Stoutner for earning that status on her Class A flute solo!  

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped as accompanists, concessions workers, door monitors, room chairman, courtesy cart, information table, hostesses for the judges/directors meals, runners, and festival officials that make our festival run smoothly!  It definitely requires teamwork!  

Class A

*1st (This event advances to the state solo/ensemble festival)

Hannah Stoutner-flute solo

Class B


Mykensie Beighley-vocal solo

Allie Powell-vocal solo

Ariel Koxlien-vocal solo

Abby Olson-vocal solo

Macy Sylla-flute solo

Abby Olson-flute solo

Allison Casperson-oboe solo

Austin Moen-trumpet solo

Ariel Koxlien, Abby Olson, and Allie Powell-vocal trio

Allie Powell and Hayley Haas-vocal duet

Ariel Koxlien and Abby Olson-vocal duet

Hannah Stoutner, Macy Sylla, Sophia Schultz-flute trio

Olivia Youngbauer, Hannah Stoutner-mallet duet

Macy Sylla, Sophia Schultz-flute duet


Halaynna Macharia-vocal solo

Allison Casperson-vocal solo

Jon Schwartz-trumpet solo

Dominic Gonzalez-trumpet solo

Mykensie Beighley-timpani solo

Joleen Tollefson-flute solo

Ellie Matejka and Victoria Frye-vocal duet

Allison Casperson and Mykensie Beighley-vocal duet

Allison Casperson and Haley Erickson-oboe/clarinet duet

Class C


Evelyn Velasquez-vocal solo

Macy Sylla-vocal solo

Hannah Stoutner-vocal solo

Ryan Johnson-vocal solo

Sophia Schultz-vocal solo

Olivia Youngbauer-vocal solo

Abby Semb-vocal solo

Hayley Haas-vocal solo

Kendra Goplin-vocal solo

Kendra Goplin-clarinet solo

Ella Bergerson-bass clarinet solo

Maggie Harms-clarinet solo

Paris Wathke-Johnson-flute solo

Emily Marsolek-alto sax solo

Cesar Samples-trombone solo

Olivia Youngbauer-snare drum solo

Janna Thoma-clarinet solo

Jessie Lyga-french horn solo

Hannah Stoutner, Olivia Youngbauer, and Macy Sylla-vocal trio

Anamary Alejo and Halaynna Macharia-vocal duet

Hannah Stoutner and Olivia Youngbauer-vocal duet

Kendra Goplin, Sophia Schultz, and Abbi Jacobson-vocal trio

Abby Olson, Hannah Stoutner, Joleen Tollefson, Macy Sylla, Sophia Schultz, Abbi Jacobson, Paris Wathke-Johnson-flute choir

Mykensie Beighley, Mekena Wohlhoefer, Hayley Haas-snare drum trio

Haley Erickson, Jordyn Moats, Haylanna Macharia-clarinet trio


Victoria Frye-vocal solo

Fin Krenzelok-vocal solo

Abbi Jacobson-flute solo

Jordyn Moats-clarinet solo

Halaynna Macharia-clarinet solo

Gracie Lyngen-alto sax solo

Sammi Huff-trumpet solo

Zach George-baritone solo

Harold Smith-baritone solo

Mekena Wohlhoefer-snare drum solo

Hayley Haas-snare drum solo

Allie Powell-snare drum solo

Sam Brouillet-snare drum solo

Olivia Youngbauer-timpani solo

Kendra Goplin and Sophia Schultz-vocal duet

Abby Semb and Macy Sylla-vocal duet

Hannah Stoutner, Kendra Goplin-flute/clarinet duet

Abbi Jacobson, Paris Wathke-Johnson-flute duet

Emily Marsolek, Gracie Lyngen-alto sax duet

Comment Only

Dylan Pogreba-vocal solo


Festival officials – Richard Staff, Dagny Lund

Room Chairmen/Door Monitors – Viola Jacobson, Julie Casperson, Jamie Hanvold, Becky Brouillet, Melinda Goplin, Christen Stoutner, Matt Lyga, Gabrielle Fields, Savannah Rieck, Molly Toraason, Christy Moats

Hostess for the Judges/Directors – Delaine Stendahl and Aime Stendahl

Courtesy Cart – Kiera Kjos

Information Table – Mark Kjos, Cory Stoutner

Runners – Aime Stendahl, Megan Kjos

Accompanists – Allison Wright, Maren Spencer, Jackie Goplin, Colleen Cantlon,

Krista Kjos, Nancy Martinovici, Sarah Toraason

Concessions Workers – Molly Matejka, Gloria Koxlien, Dell Koxlien, Cortney Koxlien, Shannon Beighley, Katie Dokkestul, Allison Herman, Harold Smith, Steve Smith, Presley Herman, Kaylee Spittler