The November 30, 2015 meeting of the Whitehall Board of Education was held at Whitehall Memorial Conference Room. David Skoyen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Roll was called and a quorum established. Other Board members present: George Everson, Byron Fields, Leah Johnson, Kristen Carroll and Jason Molis. Absent: Julie Dokkestul. Others present: Superintendent/6-12 Principal, Mike Beighley; Elementary Principal, Damon Lisowski; MS Principal/Improvement of Instruction Director, Beth Lisowski; Special Education/Pupil Services Director, Vickie O’Dell; Susan Speltz; Finance Manager, Cheryl Maug; Reporter, Scott Schultz.

Everson moved to approve vouchers as presented. Fields seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Molis moved to approve the following items of the Motion Calendar:

  1. Approve minutes of October 19, 2015 Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting
  2. Approve minutes of October 19, 2015 Regular Meeting
  3. Approve Extra-Curricular Contracts & Volunteer Contracts
  4. Change regular December meeting date from December 28th to December 21st.

Everson seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

WASB State Education Conference is January 20-22.

Discussion regarding athletic participation policies and youth sports. The idea of forming a Youth Association for youth sports is being considered. City of Whitehall may be interested in helping with start- up funds and also may approach area Lions Club’s for financial help. If a youth association, it was suggested that we ask to have a school representative on the governing Board. The District would be willing to assist the youth association, but will not coordinate it.  Assuming the District is a partner, school facilities would become available to the association at no cost at any time not already in use by school or other approved activities.   Beighley suggested that an informational meeting be held to get community input on forming this organization and the Board agreed to allow the use of district resources to communicate regarding the association. The Board would also like administration to review and draft athletic policies changes for Jr. and Sr. High to move from equal play requirements to “meaningful play” in the Jr. High and possible tryouts/cutting at the varsity level when numbers require, coupled with expanded teams if necessary, at the sub-varsity levels.

Beighley presented information on past Per Pupil Revenue, Tax Levy info and area school referendum information. Due to limited revenue increases from the State and Federal levels, it is becoming increasingly necessary for districts to run referendums for operating costs. A possible operating referendum was discussed and initial thoughts are that it is important to give our citizens the ability to judge what is happening in our schools and determine if they want things to continue as they currently are.  If the Board decides to move forward with an April referendum, a resolution will have to be passed by January 26th to meet the 70 day notice requirement. Board will continue this discussion at the regular December meeting.

Molis moved to approve Opera for the Young performance for a family event on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. Fields seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Administrative Reports:

Speltz –

Explained the amount of time necessary to complete the Educator Effectiveness requirements for each teacher.

 B. Lisowski –

Only four 7th graders are out for Jr. High Boys Basketball so 6th graders are also included. Thirteen 6th graders are out so teams are made for games so that there aren’t so many sitting on the bench.

CLC After School Program is off to a good start. Jamie Youngbauer is handling all of the day-to-day operations with the assistance of Brandon Jahr. Some of the activities/clubs are: Cookie baking (will bake all of the cookies for the holiday programs), Ukulele club (will perform at holiday programs), Art club (items will be available for purchase at the times of the holiday programs).

O’Dell –

Reported on the Special Education parent survey results. Overall, parents are pleased with the services that the Special Education staff is providing to their children.

D. Lisowski –

Parent/Teacher conferences were held at the midpoint of the Trimester. A 5 minutes rotation was set up so that each parent had a chance to talk to all of the teachers involved with their child. There was about 92% of parents that attended.

Beighley –

Presented information on proposed legislation concerning transgender bathrooms and changing rooms.

Skoyen recessed to Executive session pursuant to S.S. 19.85 (1) (c) to discuss Administrative Staffing for 2016-17 and beyond and initial teacher staffing model(s) for 2016-17.

Time: 7:45 pm.

Cheryl Maug

Reporting Secretary