Picture: RSVP Volunteer Christine Giese with Mrs. Shepherd's Kindergarten students.

Picture: RSVP Volunteer Christine Giese with Mrs. Shepherd’s Kindergarten students.

When RSVP Volunteer Christine Giese began volunteering at the Whitehall School District over 15 years ago, she was no stranger to the classroom. Christine is a retired teacher with 40 years of experience in Western Wisconsin.

Christine has been volunteering primarily in Donna Shepherd’s Kindergarten classroom. They have developed a great relationship over the years, and Mrs. Shepherd feels very lucky to have Christine in her classroom.

Christine said when she was asked to volunteer at the school, her only request was to be directly involved with the students. She wanted to make a difference, and help students improve their academics and gain the confidence they need to be successful.

On most days, Christine works with children either individually or in small groups. On average, she volunteers two to three hours, three times per week. She said she loves every minute of it.

“Life is kind of boring without kids, and this gives me my kid fix,” she said. “Volunteering here means a lot to me.”

Christine has formed many bonds with the children of Whitehall Elementary through the years. She goes on field trips, shares her Norwegian heritage during the holidays, and even shares her cookies!

Donna said Christine is a valuable addition to the classroom and goes well above what is expected. “I’m able to tell her what needs to be done, and Christine just does it; she needs very little assistance, she’s fantastic” she said.

Whitehall Elementary is in need of volunteers. If you, or someone you know would like to help make a difference in a child’s life at Whitehall Elementary or any of our other partnering schools, please contact the RSVP Volunteer Program at 715.985.2391.

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Source: RSVP Volunteer Program Newsletter Nov/Dec 2015