The September 28, 2015 meeting of the Whitehall Board of Education was held at Whitehall Memorial Conference Room. David Skoyen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Roll was called and a quorum established. Other Board members present: George Everson, Byron Fields, Kristen Carroll and Julie Dokkestul. Absent: Leah Johnson and Jason Molis. Others present: Superintendent/6-12 Principal, Mike Beighley; Elementary Principal, Damon Lisowski; Pupil Services/Special Ed Director, Vickie O’Dell; Susan Speltz; Finance Manager, Cheryl Maug; Reporter, Scott Schultz.

Beighley presented information regarding an email received concerning the upcoming allowed increase of train speed to 40 mph. through town.

Everson moved to approve vouchers as presented. Carroll seconded. Aye – All members. Motion carried.

Fields moved to approve the following items of the Motion Calendar:

  1. Approve minutes of August 24, 2015 Regular Meeting
  2. Approve minutes of August 24, 2015 Executive Session
  3. Approve Extended Contracts for 2015-16 (see list)
  4. Approve Extra-Curricular Contracts (see list)

Dokkestul seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Everson moved approve 800 Series Board Policies (2nd Reading). Fields seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Everson moved approve 900 Series Board Policies (1st Reading). Carroll seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Fields moved to approve 66:0301 contract with Blair-Taylor for 40% Speech and Language services for 2015-16. Dokkestul seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Beighley presented the Village of Pigeon Falls Offer to Purchase of the former site of Pigeon Falls Elementary. Offer amount is $30,000 with a 50/50 split of the closing costs. Assessor value is $25,000-$30,000 and offer is at the higher end of assessed value. The Board will address this offer to purchase at the October 19th Annual Meeting and take action at the October 19th Regular Board Meeting.

The District was contacted by the local tree farm manager in regards to an updated forest management plan. Board consented to have Beighley contact the forester to update the plan and to obtain bids for timber cutting.

Everson moved to approve an additional October regular meeting to be scheduled for October 21, 2015 at 6:30 pm. to address Cash Flow Borrowing. Dokkestul seconded.  Aye – All Members. Motion carried.

Beighley stated that 2015-16 enrollment FTE is flat (same as 2014-15) which means no new revenue for this school year. Adjustments may have to be made mid-year; however, there are no options for major reductions without directly impacting kids. Discussed the possibility of holding an April referendum to ask for help with operating expenses for a two-year period.

Business Ed department will set up an online school store to sell school apparel. Beighley showed the Board where a physical school store will be built outside of the auditorium. Dave Blaha, Maintenance Director, will frame it in and the Tech Ed students will build it. The Business Ed students will set it up like a regular business; tracking expenses, revenue and inventory.

Administrative Reports:

O’Dell –

Special Education student numbers are down. This reduction is due to the implementation of early prevention procedures (RtI) and curriculum changes.

D. Lisowski –

Summer School FTE numbers were up and the District had a very successful Summer School Program.

Speltz –

Reported that the District will not be holding the District Administrator Evaluation System (DAPES) training that was scheduled to be hold on the evenings of October 5th and 6th due the $4,000 cost.

Skoyen recessed to Executive session pursuant to S.S. 19.85 (1) (c) to discuss preliminary staffing plans for 2016-17 and discuss Administrative Review and Evaluation process for 2015-16. Time: 7:08 pm.

Cheryl Maug

Reporting Secretary