Being in the Wisconsin State FFA Honors Choir was a true honor and privilege. Back in February, Mrs. Krista Kjos and Mrs. Melinda Goplin helped me send in my application and in a short few months I received the news that I had been accepted! Information was sent and I was on my way to the FFA State Convention to practice and perform with the other individuals that had also been accepted into this amazing opportunity.  At State Convention in Madison at the beginning of June, we practiced for a total of fourteen hours with four performances in front of thousands of FFA members, advisors, parents, and alumni member.  The energy in the group was insane and the FFA State Band members were really fun to work with.

Two months later, I was off to the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee to perform and practice together for the last time this year.  In these four days, we practiced for seven hours, performed eight times, shared dorm rooms, and made a ton of memories and new friends.  Although it was very hot in our khaki pants and a dark blue polo.  I could not have been more honored to perform with this group.  Our directors were a ton of fun and can really bust a move!  Some of my favorite songs that we performed this year were “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a Disney Princess medley, and an a cappella arrangement of “Royals” by Lorde.  I will definitely be applying to the State and National choir next year and I hope I get the honor to represent our Whitehall FFA chapter in the state choir again.

by Madelyn Geiger