Hello Citizens of our District:

I am writing today to both inform and alert you to changes in the speed in which trains will now be traveling through our school district area.  We have recently learned that, based upon the crossing work that has been completed in our area, the speed limit for train traffic in our area has been increased from 25 MPH to 40 MPH.  We are simply encouraging and asking each of you to be aware of this change and pay special attention when approaching or crossing railroad tracks.  Obviously, with the trains moving faster, there will be less time in which to cross if a train is visible and in today’s world of headphone usage, we are asking pedestrians to be extra careful in and around the railroad tracks.  Parents, please talk with your children and remind them of the dangers of the area around railroad traffic and know that we will remind them here at school as well.

Thank you for your time and please continue to be safe!

Mike Beighley

Superintendent of Schools