Pigeon Falls Early Learning CenerBuilding Principal: Damon Lisowski

13118 Main St.
Pigeon Falls, WI 54760

Phone: 715.983.2241

Fax: 715.983.5722

Email: Angie Anderson




Pigeon Falls Elementary is an Early Childhood, Four Year Old Kindergarten, and Kindergarten early learning center within the Whitehall School District. It is located in Pigeon Falls, WI approximately seven miles from Whitehall. It currently enrolls approximately 100 students, with three sections each of 4K and Kindergarten. Busing is provided from Whitehall and other areas to the Early Learning Center.

Pigeon Falls Elementary provides many student services including, but not limited to, Schoolwide Title I, Special Education, and Gifted and Talented. The Whitehall School District has made a commitment to providing 21st century skills to our students and implements MAP testing and interactive whiteboards in every room to enhance student learning.