Sunset Elementary School Celebrates Farmer Day!

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With the assistance of the FFA students,  the Sunset Elementary School celebrated Farmer Day on Thursday, January 19th.  The Sunset Leave Your Mark group organizes school spirit days to improve school climate and facilitate positive attitudes.  Farmer Day was the fourth school spirit day organized by this group this school year.

During Farmer Day, students were encouraged to dress in “farm” clothes, like jeans, tractor/cow/plaid shirts and hats, and bandanas.  Mrs. Goplin and the FFA students took part in the day and organized a fun lunch time farm game.  Each classroom picked one student to represent their class and if the student won, the class was award animal crackers!

The game involved the players to match everyday items to  the agricultural product that it came from.   Many students were surprised to find out that corn products are present in diapers, ink is made from soybeans,  piano keys are from cow products, and insulin is from a pig!  On farmer day students took a moment to appreciate all products made available to us by Wisconsin farmers.